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Limit this job to one node:
Number of processor cores across all nodes:
#nodes * #cores
Number of GPUs:
Very limited number of GPUs available.

Only use this if your code actually utilizes GPUs.
Memory per processor:
Due to resource requirements and scheduler software limitationsyou must check the bigmem feature in the list of features for your job to run on a big memory node.Required for all jobs with ppn>16 or memory per node > 48 GB
Walltime: hours mins secs
Job is a test job:
Job is preemptable:
Use Inifiband:
I am in a file sharing group and my group members need to read/modify my output files:
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If you don't know what these mean, you probably don't need to check them. The more you check, the fewer nodes you can run on. More information
If you must guarantee that your jobs use specific hardware (e.g. for benchmarking) please open a support ticket.
avx [?]
Nodes avail: 59/1015
Procs avail: 7171/24000
avx2 [?]
Nodes avail: 57/695
Procs avail: 5636/18880
avx512 [?]
Nodes avail: 9/23
Procs avail: 1148/1536
fma [?]
Nodes avail: 57/685
Procs avail: 5416/18640
rhel7 [?]
Nodes avail: 59/1015
Procs avail: 7171/24000
skylake [?]
Nodes avail: 1/3
Procs avail: 84/184
knl [?]
Nodes avail: 6/18
Procs avail: 1008/1296
ib [?]
Nodes avail: 40/658
Procs avail: 5099/14416
rhel6 [?]
Nodes avail: 30/946
Procs avail: 4877/21168
kepler [?]
Nodes avail: 11/32
Procs avail: 508/768
opa [?]
Nodes avail: 16/40
Procs avail: 1010/1120
pascal [?]
Nodes avail: 16/40
Procs avail: 1010/1120
cascadelake [?]
Nodes avail: 2/2
Procs avail: 56/56
vnni [?]
Nodes avail: 2/2
Procs avail: 56/56
volta [?]
Nodes avail: 1/1
Procs avail: 20/20

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