The same storage system that gave us problems on Wednesday hung again Friday evening. This time we did not lose any nodes. We know what is causing the issue now and are working with the vendor on a software fix. Running jobs had time added to compensate for the hang. Last Updated Friday, Jan 17 06:50 pm 2020

Typographical Conventions

In what follows, we shall use the following typographical conventions:

  • Characters written in bold typewriter font indicate commands that may be typed and entered at the command line.
  • Characters written in italic typewriter font indicate non-specific filenames, directory names, or other arbitrary names.
  • Characters inserted within square brackets indicate individual physical keys to be pressed. For example, [Ctrl] indicates the "Control" key.
  • Text in blue indicates the output of a command or the contents of a file

So, for example,

$ ls somedirectory [Enter]

Means "at the UNIX prompt ($), type ls followed by the name of some directory, then press the key marked Enter."
Don't forget to press the [Enter] key as commands are not sent to the computer until this is done.

Important: UNIX is case-sensitve, so LS is not the same as ls. The same applies to filenames, so myfile.txt, MyFile.txt, and MYFILE.TXT are three seperate files. Be mindful of this when copying files to a PC, since DOS and Windows do not make this distinction.