We will soon be migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 7. This new OS is available to users now to detect issues ahead of the general release. Our latest GPU cluster, m9g, is also available through the RHEL 7 OS.


To access the new OS, connect to the host rhel7ssh.rc.byu.edu instead of ssh.rc.byu.edu. When you submit jobs add -C rhel7 to your sbatch/salloc flags.

Be sure to submit jobs to rhel7 from rhel7ssh.rc.byu.edu, and submit jobs to the old image from ssh.rc.byu.edu. Submitting jobs to rhel7 from ssh.rc.byu.edu will fail, as will submitting jobs to the old OS from rhel7ssh.rc.byu.edu.

GPU Access

If you specifically want to access our Pascal gpus (P100s) on RHEL 7, you will also need to include the pascal feature. Here is an example request for a 2 hour job that uses 6 CPUs, 32GiB of RAM, and 1 Pascal GPU:

sbatch -t 2:00:00 --nodes=1 --ntasks=1 --cpus-per-task=6 --mem=32G \
  --gres=gpu:1 -C 'rhel7&pascal' script.sh

If you want to use our older kepler gpus (K80s) on RHEL 7, such as for benchmarking reasons, then add the kepler feature, e.g -C 'rhel7&kepler'.


Some software is missing. A lot of software built on the old OS will not work on the new image and will need to be recompiled. Please let us know if there is software you were using on the old image that is not available or does not work on the new image. We are prioritizing the installation of software that is specifically requested by users.