The license for running STAR-CCM+ is provided through the College of Engineering. To request a starccm+ license as part of your SLURM job use the licenses feature of sbatch and salloc:

sbatch --licenses=starccm_ccmpsuite:1 …

Alternatively use a comment in a bash script:

#SBATCH --licenses=starccm_ccmpsuite:1

module load starccm+
# To load a specific version: module load starccm+/9.02.007

To see all available versions:

module avail starccm+
Putting it together in an example:
#SBATCH --licenses=starccm_ccmpsuite:1

module load starccm+/9.02.007

echo "Machinefile:"
cat "$machinefile"
echo "----"

starccm+ \
    -mpi intel \
    -mpiflags "-bootstrap slurm" \
    -np $SLURM_NTASKS \
    -machinefile "$machinefile" …

			rm "$machinefile"

Please do not use the Platform MPI or OpenMPI drivers. In the past we recommended using the OpenMPI driver, but we had issues with it binding to invalid processor ids.